CloudCam Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CloudCamDemo ("Free App") and CloudCam ("Paid App"), are "Programs" developed by Nick Pace ("Author"). No personal information or audio/video recording captured by the application is shared with unknown third parties. The user of the application controls the location of where the audio/video files can be saved.

Data collected by Programs

Data collected by CloudCamDemo and CloudCam falls under following categories:

How personal information is collected

No personal data is collected outside of active states of Programs, such as settings pages or video server started by the user in foreground or background.

Where personal data is stored

Programs All personal data mentioned in this Privacy Policy is either stored on the device where either of the Programs are installed, and/or transferred directly to selected third parties mentioned under Limited data sharing section.

Limited data sharing

Data is shared with these third parties:

Third-party clients

Is is the end-user responsibility to ensure the safety of the network where Programs operate (including, but not limited to WiFi encryption methods and firewall rules) and to hold user-defined credentials safe to avoid unintended use of potentially sensitive data.

No error-free performance

Programs does not guarantee error-free performance under this Privacy Policy. Programs may not always catch an unintended privacy issue, despite Author's efforts to do so. Your feedback regarding any privacy concerns that you may have is welcome. Author will use reasonable efforts to comply with this Privacy Policy and will take prompt action when he learns of any failure to comply with it. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please contact